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Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Don’t Forget About Your Air Filter!

While dusting, vacuuming and decluttering are at the top of the list for regular home maintenance, don’t forget your air conditioning system. Changing your air filter on a regular basis will help keep your cooling and heating systems running smoothly and efficiently.

How Often Should You Replace your Air Filter?

It’s commonly recommended to change your air filter a minimum of every three months. But, under certain circumstances, you should change your filter monthly, such as:

  • You have pets.
  • Someone smokes inside the home.
  • You live near a construction site.
  • Your HVAC system runs for six months or more out of the year.
  • Someone in your home suffers from allergies.
  • The area you live is windy.
  • You have a large outside garden.
  • You have a fireplace that you use even occasionally.

We also recommend that you change your filter immediately if it is damaged, damp or has signs of mold growing on it.

Types of Air Conditioning Filters

Most filters are disposable and come with cells or screens that trap as much dirt, dust and debris as possible. There are different types as well as sizes of air filters. It is important to check and make sure you are using the correct filter for your home. If you’re not sure–just ask us!

How to Change Your Air Filter

You would be surprised at the number of filters we see installed incorrectly! Make sure to turn off your HVAC system before taking the old filter out. When you remove your new filter from the packaging, check for any damage prior to installing. Then, the most important thing, is to make sure the ARROW IS POINTING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. It should point toward the furnace or air handler, NOT toward the interior of the room. Then turn your system back on and enjoy marking off one thing on your cleaning list!