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How Big Should My AC Be?

What size should your central air conditioner be?

The answer is simple in theory – get one large enough to do the job! But in practice, determining the right size unit involves using a complex formula that takes into account many elements. Carolina Air is trained to analyze your cooling and heating needs by taking into consideration the climate zone, size of the house, directional orientation, R-Value of insulation, tightness of envelope and U-value of the windows–just to name a few. With that information, precise recommendations for the size and type of unit can be made.

What can happen if the unit is too large?

Too often an inexperienced or poorly trained contractor may suggest a much larger unit than needed. The results of this over capacity can be serious, such as: The unit cycles too often so proper dehumidification is rarely achieved. With heavy moisture still in the air, the interior may be cool, but it remains damp and feels like a cave! To be comfortable, reducing the humidity is just as important as reducing the temperature. This frequency cycling also means a unit is not likely to reach its maximum efficiency rating, so the operating cost will be higher than it should be. It is like an automobile that gets better mileage when driven on an Interstate highway versus the stop and go of city driving. Ask Carolina Air for a sizing and energy analysis. You might be surprised at how much more comfort you can get for less money!