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Tune Ups Aren’t Just for Cars

HVAC Service Technician checking a system

Oil changes, tune-ups and other maintenance is a normal part of owning a car. You also know that regular service should apply to central air conditioning units, but too often many people don’t think about HVAC service until something breaks.

Improve Efficiency with HVAC Service

It’s a fact that you could save as much as $50 a month on utility costs by making sure your air conditioning system is cleaned and serviced regularly. Studies by utility companies prove that a clean, well serviced system will:

  • Restore capacity by 1/2 to 3/4 tons.
  • Improve humidity control.
  • Reduce running time.

Prevent System Breakdowns

Regular maintenance catches things that can lead to breakdowns. Many of these are easy to prevent, such as:

  • Dirty filters, blower wheels, and inside coils reduce capacity and humidity control.
  • Outside coils clogged with dust, leaves and grass clippings cause coolant pressure to build and make the compressor work harder.
  • Coolant leaks are a major cause of loss of cooling capacity.

Extra Benefits with a Service Agreement

A Service Agreement with Carolina Air takes care of all of these things for you! It also offers you benefits that go beyond being more comfortable. In addition to regular HVAC service, you also receive fast priority scheduling, discounts on repairs, and no overtime charges – just to mention a few.

We offer 3 Service Plans

Classic HVAC Service Agreement
Deluxe HVAC Service Agreement
Premium HVAC Service Agreement

So – now you can see that regular tune-ups aren’t just for cars. When it comes to your comfort you can tune up or pay up.