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Air Conditioner Systems Are Changing

Then and Now Air Conditioner System Changes - thermostats pictures

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To…

That’s a good thing for your Air Conditioner! If you look at an HVAC system from twenty years ago and compare it with one from today, it might not look that different on the outside, but inside things have changed a lot!

As technology has advanced in engineering and federal requirements for HVAC systems have become more stringent, heating and air conditioning systems have advanced as well. The basic processes of air conditioning – invented by Willis Haviland Carrier – are still the same, but there have been several significant changes especially in the past 20 years.

Smaller Components

You’ve probably noticed how much smaller electronic components have become. This move to smaller and smaller components has affected air conditioning design and engineering. Components have become smaller, and materials thinner. It’s true that some parts are not as durable and may be more expensive to replace than on older systems, but the change also allows new systems to be much more efficient and less expensive to run overall.

More Complicated Components

Another big change has been the dramatic increase in features and functionality. Where there used to be a few vacuum tubes and mercury switches, HVAC systems now have circuit boards and microchips. Years ago the best recommendation was to dial your thermostat to one temperature and then to leave it alone. Newer heating and air conditioning systems take advantage of a greater variety of settings and controls. You can set up your system based on your preferences. There are more ways than ever to help you stay cool, comfortable, and spend less on energy bills.

Smarter Technology

With the integration of computer technology into modern HVAC systems, there is a tremendous amount control and information at your fingertips. Your thermostat can be programmed to adjust the air temperature based on your schedule. You can also schedule your trips so you aren’t wasting electricity when you are away. Reports give you detailed information about how much electricity your system is using. Plus, you can even control your system through your computer as well as access controls through an app on your phone.

We Keep Up with Air Conditioner Technology so You Stay Cool!

As technology advances, we think it’s important to stay on top of emerging technology. At Carolina Air Inc., we prioritize keeping our technicians up to speed with the latest advances. We always want to be able to offer new and better options to our customers. We know that to stay cool, we have to keep up!